Yu-Ai has produced more than 40 types of filling, pastes, topping and jam. Other types of fillings and ingredients include chicken floss, chilled curry chicken filling, chilled oyster sauce, chilled sardine filling, chilled tomyam filling, chilled roasted chicken filling, chilled curry anchovies filling, chilled pepper chicken filling, chicken pie filling, etc.

Yu-Ai is not only provide the finest possible product, but also a superior value that can help its partners generate a greater share of the growing market. Its superior quality products are always fulfill the numerous demand from the baking industries and other industries by supplying them with the right ingredients.

  Sweeten Red Bean Paste
Red Bean Paste with Skin
Dates Paste (Kurma)/ Dates Paste
Red Bean Paste
Black Sesame Paste
Mung Bean/ Dau Yong Paste
Pandan Mung Bean Paste
Green Tea Mung Bean Paste
Salted Dau Yong Paste
Sweet Corn Mung Bean Paste
Pure Lotus Paste
Pure White Lotus Paste
Pandan Lotus Paste
Green Tea Lotus Paste
Durian Lotus Paste
Coffee Lotus Paste
Chocolate Lotus Paste
White Lotus (No Cane Sugar Added)
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